References and Standards - IS & ISO Standards

1. IS : 4169-1988 - Method for calibration of force -proving instruments used for the verification of uniaxial testing machines
2. ASTM E 74 – 06: Standard practice of Calibration of Force-Measuring Instruments for Verifying the Force Indication of Testing Machines1.
3. ISO 376:2011(E) - Metallic materials-calibration of force -proving instruments used for the verification of uniaxial testing machines.

Torque Transducer:
1. BS 7882:2008 : Method for calibration and classification of torque measuring devices.
2. EURAMET cg 14: Static Torque measuring devices.

Torque Tools:
1. IS/ ISO 6789:2003: Assembly tools for screws and Nuts – Hand Torque tools requirements and test methods for design conformance testing, quality conformance Testing and recalibration procedure.
2. ISO 5393: 1994 (E): Rotary tools for threaded fasteners-performance test method.
3. ISO/TS 17104-2006: Rotary Tools for threaded fasteners – Hydraulic impulse tools performance test method
4. ISO 6544-1981: Hand-held pneumatic assembly tools for installing threaded fasteners- Reaction torque and torque impulse measurements

For Weights
1. OIML R111-1-2004 Metrological and technical requirement of weights Classes E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M2, M3.
2. OIML D28 2004: Conventional value of the result of weighing in air

Weighing Instruments
1. OIML R76-1 2006 Metrological and technical requirements –Non automatic weighing instruments
2. OIML R76-2 2007 Non automatic weighing instruments -Test Report format
3. EURAMET cg-18 V.03 Non automatic weighing instruments

1. IS:8897-1978 RA 2004, Tables for calibration and method of verification of volumetric glassware
2. ISO 4787, Laboratory glassware - Volumetric instruments - Methods for testing of capacity and for use
3. ISO 385, Laboratory glassware — Burettes
4. ISO 648, Laboratory glassware — Single-volume pipettes
5. ISO 835, Laboratory glassware — Graduated pipettes
6. ISO 1042, Laboratory glassware — One-mark volumetric flasks
7. ISO 3696, Water for analytical laboratory use — Specification and test methods
8. ISO 4788, Laboratory glassware — Graduated measuring cylinders
9. ISO/IEC Guide 99, International vocabulary of metrology — Basic and general concepts and associated terms

1. DKD-R-6-1 Guideline for Calibration of Pressure gauges
2. DKD-R-6-2 Guideline for Calibration of measuring devices for Vacuum
3. IS: 3624-1987 (Reaffirmed 2004) " Specifications for Pressure and Vacuum gauges"
4. EURAMET Cg-17, Version 2.0 (03/2011) "Guidelines on the calibration of Electromechanical Manometers"

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